Friday, February 20, 2015

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2015

Being an immigrant, what used to be traditional and norm has suddenly turned into weird and unprecedented. Though we're not fully immigrants to the Philippines, we've been one to General Santos City. Being away from my family for the past 9 nine years (4 in Zambo and 5 here), I missed celebrating the Chinese New Year with them. Actually, not just the Chinese New Year, but almost every single holiday there is in the calendar! But the Lord was gracious this year.

For the 1st time in 5 years, we were able to celebrate Chinese New Year with a family...and I mean, FAMILY! One of my disciple sent an invitation to our group and asked us (my family too) to celebrate the New Year with them since its the the same day for our meeting and she assured us that it will be "tayo-tayo lang" (that it will be just a small gathering). Surprisingly, after our study of the Scripture, the extended family members started coming in! One family after the other! I guess they were so surprised to see us there too! But they've never shown it, they've welcomed us as though they have known from the very beginning! And for me, it was a wonderful experience. Hours after leaving that gathering, I'm still smiling, recalling the conversations that have transpired and the fun we had at the dice game.

It's truly amazing how the Lord continually assures me that He understood my situation. And to this family who "adopted" us for the celebration, we thank you for allowing us to intrude. Thank you very much indeed!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sauna at iba pa...

One of the big lures of Metro Lifestyle GenSan is their Sauna and Jacuzzi. I was able to test their Sauna this morning and boy, what a great treat after a hard workout with the TRX!

Their sauna is quite small, around 4-6 people only will fit comfortably inside, but nonetheless, it was truly great! I still haven't tried their Jacuzzi, but according to hubby, the bubbles were great!

For me, TRX stands for Tracks and Tricks. Tracks because  the coach will you keep you on the right track of being fit and healthy. While it is full of tricks too, especially for someone as unfit as I am! Early this morning, at around 7am, Ms. Sheena was the one who trained us for the TRX and according to her it was still the basic workout for TRX...

Planking with TRX

Crunch with TRX

Butt Raising??? still with TRX

Hmmm....Basic....I do wonder what Intermediate and Advance looks like! But all in all, we indeed had a fun and wonderful time doing this unique but full-body workout with TRX! And of course, looking forward for more quality time in the Sauna!